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10 truly unique things about Nextpage

Let’s be honest. Nowadays web / digital agencies are always just the same: bunch of nerds with their MacBooks covered in stickers, small office with hip ikea chairs and long talks about their special design thinking. These attributes sometimes be an attractive picture, but if you have to compare more than three agencies at once — you will be getting yourself confused. The reason for this is simple — there is no real thing that is special about many web-studios and creative agencies. So to avoid confusion we wanted to name ten things that are really cool about Nextpage.

Fact one: We create amazing wireframes
We take pre-project activities very serious. We want to give a right view of future website or app structure, composition and content usage. That’s why we spend on wireframes twice as many times as the other studios to make them just perfect.

Fact two: We use no templates
Every website that was ever made at Nextpage is based on fully custom theme. We promised ourselves not to use any existing themes available on evanto and other markets. We believe in individual approach and fast responsive layout — which is hard to achieve, using templates.

Jegor Walowski

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