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Yegor Walowski at Skrypin.ua


We love having our friends over to ur house for ortnightly meals. We often serve a simple, family-style meal made using a small election of high quality seasonal ingredients. Lunch is often Danish-style and consists of bread and an assortment of Scandinavian root vegetables. For dinner, we like serving well-made Italian pasta with a slow-roasted tomato sauce.

Stine: It’s always been an integral part of our working process.
We used to have more fredom and flexibility in the early stages of our company, but growing business opportunities in Copenhagen have required us to establish it as our primary work base and Pesaro as a refuge for when we need some time away from the city.

«Are there any simple traditions you try to preserve when you’re traveling around in different cities?»

We allow ourselves to make the trip to Pesaro when things get too hectic.
It’s a lovely city nestled between the sea and the hills. Everything is within walking distance and the rustic buildings provide a welcome contrast to the highly stylized and modern architecture you find in Copenhagen. It’s essential for us to maintain a strong relationship with each location, and each has a special place in our hearts.

A key part of our everyday routine is valuing the little things and individual moments in the day. We try to implement this philosophy r egardless of where we are in the world.

We miss our son like crazy when he’s not with us. We don’t long for any material things when we’re away, though we do miss the everyday routines that come with being in your own home, such as walking around
barefoot in the kitchen or preparing a bowl of yogurt and muesli and enjoying it on the couch while chatting for hours.

Jegor Walowski

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