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Веб-сайты / 2019
Интерактивные карты для навигации по большим торговым центрам.
Стартап созданный для упрощения посещений. Пошаговый гид по торговым площадям.
  • Имя компании: Nearmotion
  • Тип сайта: Landing Page
  • CMS: Wordpress

Website goal

To focus the company’s message and to provide their success stories and experience.  The client didn’t want to make a demo of the technology. Just checking the website should be enough. It should make customers more confident to test out the solution.

What we did

A vibrant design that would help to make this webpage an industry standard and represent the value of the product on an outstanding level. We used a broad color palette and flat illustrations to showcase that Nearmotion technology is suitable for a wide range of universities, stadiums, hospitals, airports, and malls.

Stages of development

We started with initial research and customers interview. Immediately followed by a creative kickoff – design concept of identity and homepage draft. After the full design theme development, we took care of HTML responsive layout and CMS installment.